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Word of Deliverance Assemblies, Inc.




Biography of Apostle Tommy R. Twitty

Apostle Tommy Twitty is a visionary, teacher, prophet, author and founder of TRT Ministries and Reaching Outside the Walls Ministry (R.O.T.W.).   He is a native of Chesnee, South Carolina and the Senior Pastor of Word of Deliverance Assemblies, Inc., in Gaffney, S.C.  Apostle Twitty is a devoted husband to his lovely wife, Elect Lady Nicole Humphries Twitty and the father of their three beautiful children, Shante', Rashawn, Amber and grandson Braylon.

The Word of Deliverance is a youthful, multi-cultural, soul-winning ministry with a message of love, healing and deliverance where "All People of All Races are Freely Welcomed." Apostle Twitty's vision is to "work diligently to build the Saints that the Saints might build the City.  The first step in the building process is to get people to understand that "if you change the way you think you will change the way you live".  With this vision in his heart, he is dedicated to "Reaching Outside The Walls" at whatever cost to seek and to save the lost.

In 1998, God gave Apostle Twitty a vision to establish R.O.T.W. and to write the vision as He had instructed and to make it plain.  God told Apsotle Twitty to bring both the church and the world together to become the Kingdom of God.  The mission of R.O.T.W. Ministries is to go out into the cities, cross over into other states, travel around the world and to other nations to restore, deliver, and to liberate God's people that they may declare unto themselves and others that they shall live and not die in the Kingdom of God.

God revealed to Apostle Twitty what the latter days would be like if he did what he believed was God. He told him how to bring the world into the Kingdom of God.  He told him how to lead the 21st century church from its current state, how to dress her, arm her, and to equip her, that she may lose her traditional form and her religious status.  Apostle Twitty was told to prepare for both a kingdom position and a priesthood role alongside men and women of God with the same Vision.  The vision is to bring the body of Christ together as one, that we may go outside the walls and begin the work of the kingdom by gathering those who are lost in the system and have gotten entangled in the snares of the system.  The "System" has failed us but the Kingdom will enable the world and the church to come together. As founder of TRT Ministries, Apostle Twitty has authored the book Wait For It, which is based upon Isaiah 40:31:  "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."  This book is based upon everyday living and is backed by God's Word.  He has taught several leadership series, but is most proud of the series "Making of a Leader" and "The Nehemiah Project"  Where he has taken the Word of God and the things of the spirit and made them applicable to the lives of everyday people seeking an understanding of God's plan for their life.    

God has blessed Apostle Twitty to be heard on the radio and to be seen on several television shows. He is becoming more and more involved in his role in the communities for which his membership is made up of.  In spite of all that Apostle Twitty has accomplished, he always, without hesitation or reservation gives God the glory because he knows that nobody could have opened the doors that have been opened for him, but God.