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Women of Destiny

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"Coffee, Conversation & Tea with Lady T"

Elder Elect Lady Nicole Twitty

Woman of God, Mother, Leader, Teacher & Entrepreneur

Inspiring young girls and women to be all they are called to be in God.

Change your Mindset

Attract what you Desire

Live the Life you Deserve

Lady T.

Change the way you think, you'll change the way you live

Elder Elect Lady Nicole Twitty

Elder Elect Lady Nicole Twitty

Women of Destiny - Team Leader

Elect Lady Twitty is a  woman of destiny.  She is the First Lady of Word of Deliverance and the leader of the Women's Ministry.  She is a devoted wife and mother, but most importantly she is a woman of God.  Elect Lady is gifted by God to heal.  She, herself has walked in a life of pain only to experience the healing hand of God, that she might be a vessel of healing for many.  

Elect Lady is leading the women of God with empowering lessons on building women and relationships.  As a woman she understands that issues don't just start when we become women, but they start as Daughters of Destiny and if we don't learn how to grow healthy in the Lord we become women with issues.  It is the vision of this ministry to produce kingdom women of destiny.  She is determined to build women of good relationship, with vision, and with a heart for God's people.

The Women of Word of Deliverance are challenging themselves to have BALANCE.  It has been declared that balance is required in all areas of our lives and many times we forget about our health trying to ensure that we focus on our spirit, the Women of Word have chosen to make a change in all areas and you should look forward to the results.

2019 "Bounce Back"

Forgive,  Heal and be Blessed

in the name of Jesus.

Words from the desk of Elder Elect Lady Nicole Twitty......


If I could tell you all the things I've been through you wouldn't believe me.  If I could tell you all the times I fought to give God glory, you would say that's not my story.  If I could tell you all the ways I've endured pain, you would say I'm more mature and not the same.  If I could tell you what I really feel, you wouldn't understand but thanks be to God, I don't have to tell you anything, you can see the evidence of my testimony in the words that I say and the life that I live.  I am not bitter, but I am BETTER.  
Follow me as I follow God.

Elder Elect Lady Nicole Twitty & Family.

Women of Destiny - Building Together

Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity Project

Woman of Destiny

Women of Destiny

"It's a Mind over Matter Thing"

Pamela Staley Harrison